I was not convinced the Atlas treatment could do anything for me. How wrong I was, my lower back and jaw pain has disappeared and I am no longer dependant on pain medication. Thanks Straighten Up!
Don, Sunny Coast QLD
Incredibly my vertigo was fixed in one session. It has affected my life in such a negative way for so many years. I am eternally grateful for getting my life and health back on track.
Lorraine, Adelaide
So two days after my Straighten Up Session and so far…. amazing!! My shoulders feel relaxed and already seem to be in a much better position. I’ve felt very calm and at the same time much more energy. I’ve felt comfortable sleeping where I would usually have pain and notice I’m not clenching my jaw. Really looking forward to seeing what other changes come with time. Thanks!!
Meg, Paddington Sydney
I have suffered from chronic back pain and bulging disc for 3 years. I have tried everything under the sun; body therapy, acupuncture, osteopathy and chiropractic but I have never had such a dramatic and quick breakthrough as I had with the Atlas treatment. The session was very gentle and relaxing, afterwards I saw immediate results. I had a walk outside and my perception of colour had improved dramatically. It was like I was seeing the world in HD colour! The following days I was able to do things I have not been able to do in years, like gardening, going to the movies and sitting comfortably for a long period of time and also going out all night dancing. These activities would have usually sent me to my osteo’s bed for an adjustment. I have also stopped grinding my teeth at night and I no longer suffer from migraines and muscle spasms. I feel really blessed to have come across the Straighten Up modality and even more blessed to have met James who really has a passion for his work.
Lori, North Sydney

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