At Straighten Up, we understand the body and mind are not separate. Which is why we use a combination of methods during a treatment session to help clear both your physical and emotional stress.

Body Treatment

The head is comfortably supported as gentle pulses are sent into the soft tissue surrounding the atlas vertebra by a specially crafted massage device.


Once the soft tissue surrounding the atlas is loosened sufficiently enough in a special sequence, the atlas will naturally return to correct alignment.


The pulse from the massage device is very relaxing, non-invasive and non-intrusive. It is not uncommon for patients to enjoy the sensation of balance, alignment and flow as head neck and body unite.

The correction can be applied to all ages, and to give our children the best possible chance to grow up strong and healthy, the earlier it can be applied the better.


Once the atlas is in place the unique vibrational pulses can be applied to all parts of the body to further release tension and restore your natural structure.


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Align your body and your mind

Using non-invasive, non-manipulative techniques, we help you to restore function to your body so you can experience radiant energy, and live without pain. 

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